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About Azal Pharma

We at Azal Pharma believe that good health is a human right and that is what drives us to work for a healthier tomorrow for all. We also give high attention to keeping our promises and work hard to achieve our goals and their priorities to provide the highest quality in our products.

" We strives to be distinguished and a leader locally and regionally"

– Our Vision

Company Departments

The Technical Department

Quality Insurance

Research and Development

Production Department

Engineering Unit

Marketing Department

Sales Department

IT Department

Public Relations Department

The General Administration, which includes:

  • Supervising all daily activities and operations in the company by continuously and continuously monitoring it.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the best strategies that guarantee continuous development in the company’s work environment.
  • Set goals for all tasks, measure the success of performance in implementing them, and follow up on their reports.
    Interest in monitoring the work of executives, heads of departments, and supervisors for different jobs.
  • Searching for the best career programs that can be successfully applied within the company environment.
  • Seek to link the products and services provided by the company, with the nature of the targeted customers in the community.
  • Attention to employing competent employees, who contribute to achieving professional development in all fields of employment.
  • Issuing final decisions on major projects and development plans that will be implemented.
  • Representing the company in local, regional and international conferences and meetings.

Department of Production

Azal Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. is distinguished by production units containing devices and machines, with the latest technologies that increase production efficiency while maintaining international standards of good manufacturing practice (cGMP).
The production contains several production lines covering solid medicinal forms such as the tablet line and the capsule line.

Research and Development:

  • The company’s management believes in the importance of developing new varieties that meet specifications. Therefore, the R&D department was provided with the necessary equipment and equipment, as well as qualified and trained human cadres, where:
  • Study and develop medicinal items and register them with health authorities before starting to produce them in large quantities.
  • Varieties are developed according to modern international scientific references such as the American Pharmacopoeia and the British Pharmacopoeia
  • Participation of other departments in the company in setting and confirming the specifications

Sales Department

  • The role of sales is to strive to build distinguished relations with the company’s customers, such as general pharmacies, pharmacies, hospitals and health centers, through the implementation of all their requests from the company’s types and deliver them to them as quickly as possible.
  • Distribution of the company’s sales offices in all states of Sudan, in order to ensure that the company with its pharmaceutical varieties reaches all parts of the country to serve people in all those regions, which made the company in the forefront of companies in terms of the ability to distribute their products as it has the number of five branch offices in addition to the main office In the capital, Khartoum, which includes:
    1. Gezira State Office (Madani).
    2. Kordofan office (Obaid).
    3. Nile and North River Office (Atbara).
    4. East Sudan Office (Gedaref).
    5. White Nile Office (Rabak).
    6. South Darfur (Nyala).

Modern Information Network …

Azal Company relies on a modern information network that uses the most advanced programs that manage the financial, administrative and technical system and market information.

Public Relations and Follow-up Department

It is a communication and service management between the company and many of the working state institutions, and since its establishment at the beginning of the work, the administration has achieved many important and service files for the company, using the most appropriate methods of successful exchange between the company and its internal and external audiences to achieve its goals while observing social values and standards and laws and public morals in society