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Azal Pharma Pharmaceuticals We work to gain customer satisfaction through the continuous development of quality management systems through the following:

  • Pharmaceutical products of high quality, effective and safe for consumer safety
  • Azal’s quality management includes all the concepts of ISO 9001-2015 quality management system and requirements for cGMP good manufacturing practice
  • Creating an administrative mechanism aimed at raising the capabilities, knowledge, competence and skills of all workers, as we believe that training and motivating our workers is the most important factor to raise their efficiency and awareness of quality.
  • Team work with employees and suppliers to improve efficiency and earnest implementation to satisfy customer desires
  • Compliance with laws, legislations, regulations and specifications for all company operations
  • Azal Pharmaceutical Company works on reviewing the quality policy, objectives and all requirements of the quality system through internal inspection and review of administrative systems to ensure continuous alignment with the company’s strategic planning, efficiency, improvement and effectiveness.