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Norozal 400mg

Category: Antimicrobial Drugs


* Each film-coated tablet of  Norozal® 400 contanis:

Norfloxacin (USP) 400mg.


Norozal® is indicated for the treatment of:

– Upper and lower infections complicated  and uncomplicated , acute & chronic urinary tract infections include cystitis, pyelitis cystopyelitis, pyelonephritis , chronic prostatitis & those urinary infections associated with urologic surgery , nurogenic bladder or nephrolithiasis caused by bacteria susceptible to Norozal®.

– A severe infection of the stomach & small intestines.

– Gonorrheal urethritis proctitis or cervicitis caused by both penicillinase & non penicillinase producing neisseria gonorrhea.

– Typhoid fever.

– The prophylaxis infections in patients with profound neutropenia .

– Peritonitis.

– Infections caused by multiple-resistant organisms.

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