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– Each hard gelatin capsule of Pregnal contains:

Vitamin D3                                         2.5 mcg

Vitamin E (natural source)                           20 mg

Vitamin C                                           70 mg

Vitamin B1                                         3 mg

Vitamin B2                                                  2 mg

Nicotinamide                                      20 mg

Vitamin B6                                         10 mg

Folic acid                                           400 mcg

Vitamin B12                                                 6 mcg

Beta carotene (natural source)           4.2 mg

Vitamin K                                           65 mcg

Iron                                                    30 mg

Magnesium                                        75 mg

Zinc                                                   15 mg

Iodine                                                140 mcg

Copper                                               1 mg

Color in capsule shell:

Brilliant blue.

Carmoisine red.

Sunset yellow.


– During pregnancy and lactation.

– Malnutrition.

– Anemia.

– Anorexia.

– Deficiency states and increased demands for vitamins and dietary minerals.

– All cases of mental and physical strain, e.g. overworking, exhaustion,

tiredness and fatigue.

– Liver disorders.

– Enhancing physical performance.

– All conditions associated with high catabolic loss, e.g. post-operative

and post-traumatic conditions, in burns, wound healing and during


– Maldigestion, malabsorption and individuals in diet restriction.

– As antioxidant.

– Decreased body resistance.

– Menopausal manifestation.

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